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Marketing And The Power of Consistency

In marketing and communications trends come and go, but consistency drives results.


True Story: I was brought on to lead a team and transform how they do events and event marketing. It took a year to identify the perfect combination of email, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing for our programs.

The result? We grew the email list tenfold and increased event attendance by 200%.


The 3-6 Month Rule: Patience is a Virtue

Rome was not built in a day (it didn’t burn in a day either), and your marketing efforts won't be either. It takes at least 3 to 6 months to drive meaningful, long-lasting change.

Consistent blog, posts, social posts, and emails build trust with your audiences by showing them what you can offer.


Test Then Change

Consistency isn't just about lather, rinse, repeat… we have to be open to change too. Engaging in marketing practices consistently gives you the data and insights to understand what works.  Once you have a reliable data set, you can adjust what isn’t working.


Consistency Wins Hearts

Consistency cultivates a following of people with whom your message resonates, and thus they can help advance your goals. You will grow a bought-in audience of like-minded people who stick around because they believe in what you're doing.


So, batch that content, schedule those posts, and make your content calendar.  Consistent marketing drives results.

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