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About Us.

Krasne Strategies helps organizations and businesses advance their missions that support free markets, ordered liberty, and individual rights so people of all backgrounds can flourish.

Meet the Founder

Ellie Krasne-Cohen, Founder

Hi, I'm Ellie Krasne-Cohen- adopted Jew from Iowa and a born-again Parisian. I help policy organizations share ideas that make America a better place for all Americans.

I grew up in Iowa on a small organic farm doing activities like 4H and raising dairy cows and sheep.

In high school, I was a liberal Democrat, even volunteering for left-leaning causes.

But, my views changed in college when I took economics classes and learned how taxes and big government can hurt our most vulnerable. Literature got me interested in American religious groups.

After graduation, I was accepted with a scholarship to the University of Chicago's Divinity School. I studied American Jewish history and read books by Milton Friedman and Nathan Glazer that informed my perspective that small government alongside strong families and communities leads to opportunities for more people.

I got into PhD programs but declined them- concerned about academia's overtly ideological leanings. So, I went into tech, overseeing data integration teams and working with Fortune 500 companies. I was great at effective communication, creating resources, and getting stuff done.

In 2015 when political rancor was at its (almost) highest, I created a group for Jewish conservatives and, with no advertising or financial support, grew the group from 18 to over 200 people in a year.

A foundation in New York heard about my work and recruited me to oversee their flagship Conference on Jews and Conservatism. I grew that conference from 300 to over 1,200 people and got national media coverage. Since then, I've led teams at prominent think tanks and advocacy groups and written for national publications.

Meanwhile, with JSwipe’s help, I fell in love with my now husband (who is French). I moved to France and launched Krasne Strategies.

If any of this resonates, drop me a line. I'd love to meet you.

SIRET available upon request

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