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Marketing Helps Public Policy Succeed

In public policy, ideas have the potential to shape the future. But the ideas can only take hold if they are marketed. A strong marketing strategy brings your organization’s best ideas to the right audiences who can drive change. In this blog post, Krasne Strategies will review three ways marketing is critical for advancing good policy.

Audience Engagement: Good marketers identify and engage an organization’s key audiences. Public policy audiences can be volunteer activists, legislative staff, journalists, or policy professionals. A strong marketing strategy ensures that your organization’s policy ideas resonate with the right audiences. Great marketing uses storytelling, clear and compelling language, and creative ideas to communicate complicated messages to the people who can make change.

Encouraging Action:  Public policy needs action to follow ideas. A well-planned and executed marketing campaign inspires action and helps people rally behind a cause. In other words, great marketing transforms people from observers into change agents.

Brand Loyalty:  When people think of brands, they often think of consumer goods like Coca-Cola or Nike. But, the truth is that public policy organizations, including think tanks, public interest legal groups, and advocacy groups, also need trust and a public image. Some organizations identify strongly with family values and religious liberty, while others align more with freedom and individual rights. Effective marketing develops an organizational brand and builds audience trust through consistent messaging and communication. Consistent connection over time creates the framework for audiences to accept and appreciate the organization’s work and ideas.

Why public policy needs marketing: Public policy needs excellent research to form ideas, media to create buzz, and marketing to move people from ideas to action. A great marketing strategy will reach and engage an organization’s target audiences, encourage them to take action, and foster loyalty.

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