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IWF: Leftist Antisemitism Was Real All Along

In 2021, I wrote “Critical race theory aims to upend the civic order” for the Jewish News Syndicate, calling out BLM for its antisemitism. 

In response, more than a few people called me “racist” (that old canard) and said I didn’t understand the issues. Or, they chose to remain ignorant about BLM’s rank-and-file antisemitism. But the incidents over the past few days have proven that left-wing antisemitism is real and a threat to Jews.

Last weekend, Hamas, an Iranian-funded Islamic terror group, launched rockets into Israel and sent armed Jihadists into an outdoor music festival and a kibbutz.Hamas kidnapped and murdered grandmas, babies, women, and even Thai people (for context, Israel is home to many Thai immigrants, many of whom work in agriculture). The numbers alone paint a picture of the carnage in Israel over the past few days:

  • Women have been raped, and Hamas is sharing images of their dead bodies being dragged around

  • Babies, literally babies, murdered

  • 900 Israelis murdered  

  • More than 2,000 injured

In response, BLM sent these Tweets.

I don’t care what someone thinks of Gaza, settlements, or the Oslo Accords. Applauding and mocking murdered babies and kidnapped grandmas is morally abhorrent. But BLM is just one of many in progressivism’s antisemitic cesspool. 

Here are a few more examples.

Karen Attiah, a Washington Post columnist “likedthis Tweet.

Mia Khalifa, an Only Fans porn star and Lebanese immigrant, was fired by Playboy when she Tweeted: “Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal.”  

I applaud Playboy for having more moral fecundity than mainstream media, universities, and some of my progressive friends who cannot articulate the phrase “I condemn terrorism.”

More than 30 student organizations at Harvard put out a statement blaming Israel for Hamas’s attacks on innocent civilians.

The infamous Harvard letter read, “We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence…”

Groups including Amnesty International at Harvard, Harvard College Act on a Dream, the Harvard Undergraduate Nepali Student Association, the Harvard Islamic Society, and Harvard Undergraduate Ghungroo are walking it back…perhaps worried about losing investment banking, consulting, or law careers awaiting them upon graduation. 

Thankfully, Winston and Strawn, a Chicago-based law firm did just that when the morally and intellectually bankrupt president of New York University’s School of Law Bar Association, Ryna Workman emailed a weekly newsletter to students professing her “unwavering and absolute solidarity with Palestinians in their resistance against oppression toward liberation and self-determination.”

The incidents over the past few days show us that BLM is just one cog in the machine of left-wing antisemitism. 

Do you believe me now? 

This article first appeared on the IWF blog.

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